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We want our brave service members, past, present, and future to have a financial coach at their disposal while they are protecting our freedom. How to navigate the GI bill to preferred mortgage services.

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Help our clients navigate the complex world of mortgage options, while helping to explain credit options. How do points work? Should I choose airline points of cash back options.

How much do I need to set aside for retirement? What does the company match mean? What investment options are right for me in my 401-K? We can answer all of your retirement questions.

What happens if my data is compromised? What happens if there is a story in the media, and then companies try to sell me services that I don't understand? What would it take to correct the issue? Would you know what to do?

We are here to assist you with all of your financial educational needs. Having issues with data breaches? Let us help. Do you have a need to understand markets and how they work? Ever wonder why your 401-K is up 5%, while the markets are up 14%? Call us for a full description of our services.